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Can traffolyte be laser engraved?

Traffolyte can be marked using a variety of methods:

  • laser engraving (the most common method)
  • rotary burr engraving
  • UV Printing
  • Silk Screen printing
  • Dye sublimation printing

Traffolyte is supplied by wholesalers in large sheets, available in varying thicknesses. The most commonly used in commercial applications is 1.6mm thick, with other thicknesses being 0.8mm or 3.2mm. Not all colour/finish options are available in all thicknesses, as 1.6mm has proven to be sufficiently rigid for most commercial applications and remains the industry standard.

Traffolyte can be:

  • scored
  • drilled
  • Laser Raster engraved
  • Laser vector cut
  • Heat Bent
  • Hot Stamped
  • Cut with Saws or shears
  • Bevelled
  • Bonded to other materials (acrylic being a common one)

Why is laser engraving the most commonly used marking method for traffolyte?

Traffolyte sheets are manufactured (typically) in 2 colours. The base material (90-95% of the thickness) is one solid colour, with a surface layer coating in a contrasting colour bonded on top. To produce traffolyte labels, the engraver will burn away the surface layer to reveal the colour underneath. The design sent to the machine defines which parts are engraved away.

For example a common colour combination is black, with a white top layer. Before engraving the sheet appears white, and when engraved, the design will appear black (the base layer showing through). This will produce white labels with black text/graphics, and is very common in electrical labels and switchboard labels.

As the design has been produced by engraving part of the suface layer away, the mark is permanent, and cannot be rubbed out, washed off, or edited. This makes them well suited to electrical circuit labelling where government-mandated compliance requirements stipulate labels meet these specifications. Other marking methods are susceptible to manipulation later (exposure to elements can, over time, reduce the visibilty of markings made by other methods).

How do I order custom traffolyte labels?

At Light Scribe Laser Engraving we specialise in the production of traffolyte labels, and supply them to a wide range of industrial clients, from electricians, to solar panel installers, commercial refrigeration mechanics, and many more.

Once you have an idea of what sort of labels, and quantities you require, we recommend you contact us to discuss your job, and we can advise how we can assist you with your label order. Often we can get the job underway with as little as basic details in an email or SMS. Whether you require just 1 label, or 1000’s of items, simple text, or complex graphics, we are ready to assist you. You can call us on 0434368887, or email us at, and we will be happy to provide you an obligation-free quote.