HOw to place a traffolyte label order with us

We aim to make the process of ordering traffolyte labels from us as simple as possible. As long as you can send us the size, shape, colour, and quantity of each label needed, we can provide you with an obligation-free quote to manufacture traffolyte labels for your organisation.

If you have already compiled the list of labels you need, send an email to us at and attach your list. We will review your list and if it’s straightforward, we’ll respond within 1 business day, with a quote. If we are unsure of any aspect of your order, we’ll be sure to reach out for clarification.

The best format to send your list to us is an Excel spreadsheet – this saves us having to retype your label information from scratch (and reduces the chances of errors on your labels). But, we know tradies are busy, and don’t have time to write detailed specifications, so we keep it as simple as possible. Whatever format your list is – send it to us, and we’ll do our best to work with what you have already.

The minimum details we need are:

  • size of each label (width x height in mm)
  • colour of each label (eg white label with black text)
  • details to be engraved onto each of the labels
  • quantity of each label required.

If you can send us your requirements in an Excel spreadsheet, that streamlines the process (so we can get onto your job sooner), but we are happy for customers to send us label orders in any format from detailed spreadsheets, to basic hand drawn ‘mud maps’. Some examples are below. 

A simple ‘Mud Map’ drawing

Traffolyte_Order_mud_map image

A basic text file

Traffolyte_Order_text_file image

A Word Document

Traffolyte_Order_Word_basic image

An Excel file with basic information

Traffolyte_Order_Excel_basic image

An Excel file with detailed specifications

Traffolyte_Order_Excel_detailed image

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