Traffolyte Labels, Electrical Labels & Plastic Signs

At Light Scribe Laser Engraving we supply a wide range of labels and corporate signs made from traffolyte.

We sell custom made traffolyte labels in a huge range of colours to suit all industrial applications. We can supply UV stable, weather resistant labels for commercial applications such as electrical switchboard labels, control panel labels, warning signs, and safety signage. We use, and recommend 3M industrial adhesives for our labels. We ship our labels all over Australia, and offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

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Traffolyte is a term commonly used in industry to specify a certain type of plastic label. A range of manufacturers now supply material equivalent or superior to the original ‘traffolyte’. We engrave only premium traffolyte manufactured exclusively in U.S.A. and sourced from one of Australia’s largest suppliers, that is UV and abrasion resistant, durable, and highly visible. Our traffolyte labels are used to meet compliance requirements for a wide range of industries. We also supply corporate signage made from traffolyte.

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Electrical Labels

Laser engraved traffolyte labels are ideal for electrical equipment and circuit identification. They are permanent and UV resistant. They comply with government mandated requirements for industrial circuit labelling. They are regularly used to label electrical circuits for commercial applications, and also for domestic solar panel installations. We can cut these electrical labels to any size and shape you need.

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Warning Labels

Traffolyte labels are the gold standard for highlighting hazardous areas in industry. Government regulations often mandate the use of traffolyte for warning labels. We offer a wide range of colours that are UV stable and resistant to abrasion. We can supply plates as large as 600mm X 450mm.

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Safety Signs

Traffolyte signs are available in all the standard safety colours and can be customised to suit your requirements. They can be supplied in reflective, glow in the dark, textured, gloss, and matt options in a wide range of colours. We can add text, images, borders, as well as adhesive pre-applied to the back.

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Control Panel Labels

We supply a wide range of traffolyte labels for control panels and switches. We can cut any shape, and offer a wide range of colours. Engraving cannot be removed, so the plates will comply with government regulations. We can supply plates as large as 600mm X 450mm.

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Identification Labels

We supply traffolyte labels used to identify plant and equipment. They are used to mark items such as commercial air condenser units, mining equipment, vacuum pumps etc. We can supply these traffolyte labels with adhesive pre-applied, and/or holes pre-cut, for fixing them to plant and equipment. These labels ensure repeat business when it’s time to get equipment serviced, and enhance brand recognition. We can include barcodes/QR codes if desired.

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Detailed Signs

Traffolyte Signs are not limited to basic text. Trading Hours signage is one example where complex graphics have been used, including borders, and corporate logos. All traffolyte signs are available in a wide range of colours including metal finishes, such as brushed aluminium, copper, brass etc, as well as a range of wood and stone options.

Traffolyte Options

Modern ‘traffolyte’ plastics are available in a wide range of options. We can laser engrave traffolyte with any text / image / barcode you need.

Our selection of traffolyte plastics are available in various thicknesses to suit a wide range of commercial / industrial signage and labelling requirements. We can laser engrave traffolyte labels and signs in smooth or textured finishes, and a wide range of colours.
Modern traffolyte plastics are suitable replacements for common metal signs. We regularly supply traffolyte signs in brushed aluminium, brass, bronze and chrome finishes.

All traffolyte labels can be supplied with adhesive pre-applied to the back if required.


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