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If you have questions regarding traffolyte labels, trophies, medals, or laser engraving, get in contact with us to discuss your requirements. We’re passionate about supporting our growing customer base, and look forward to your enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?

We work from home and meet customers by appointment only. If you wish to bring us something to be engraved, please contact us before coming to make sure we will be available to assist you, and not offsite visiting clients.

Can I send an enquiry without using your form?

We love to hear from customers and are ready to assist you with your enquiry.

You can contact us by filling in the ‘Contact’ form on this page, or if you prefer to email us directly, you can reach us at, or phone us on 0434 368 887

Can you supply traffolyte labels laser engraved for my business?

Absolutely. We use premium quality traffolyte from one of Australia’s largest suppliers for all our traffolyte labels. We work with companies large and small, as well as individuals. No job is too big or too small.

Can I bring items to you to be engraved?

Sure. We service a wide range of customers, from large corporations to individuals. We will engrave anything from a single item, to batch runs of hundreds of items that need to be engraved.

Can you laser engrave any material?

Not all materials are suitable for laser engraving. However we achieve excellent results on many varied items our customers bring to us. Send us details of what you want engraved and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

How do I order labels or asset tags engraved by you?

We encourage you to contact us via email, phone or the contact form on this page, with details of your requirements. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote for your engraving job.

Can you engrave my company logo or other images?

Yes we can. As long as you can provide us with the graphic in a suitable format. Some images have copyright, and we request you ensure you have obtained the relevant license to reproduce the image, before asking us to engrave it.

Can you help me with graphical design?

Sure. If you have a low res image that needs touchup first, or you want us to design something for you from scratch we can help. Contact us with your question, or email us the graphic so we can review it and discuss with you how to proceed.

What format should I supply graphics in?

All text should be converted to curves, and the graphic should be sent to us as .SVG, .EPS, or .PDF preferably. If you are unsure how to do this, contact us for direction and we’ll let you know what we need.

How long will my job take to be ready?

That depends on how detailed the job is. For large jobs, involving hundreds of engravings, upon issue of invoice we will advise expected delivery timeframes .
For smaller jobs we aim to do them whilst you are onsite, so you can take your engraved item with you.