We supply a wide range of trophies and corporate awards. We ship Australia-wide and aim to provide all our customers with the best service, and competitive pricing .
We supply trophies to sporting clubs, dance studios, and individuals, and have a wide range, from multiple suppliers for you to select from.

We supply laser engraved Corporate Awards, and promotional items for businesses all over Australia.

Trophies for all sports, and Corporate Awards to suit every Business

We have a wide range of trophies and Corporate Awards to suit every sport and every budget. We offer fast turnaround on all orders, no matter the size, with first class customer service at the core of our business.

Sporting Trophies

Sporting Trophy image


Trophy Cup image


Trophy Medal image

Perpetual Trophies

Perpetual Trophy image


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Corporate Trophy image

Promotional Gifts

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Click any catalogue to browse the range of trophies, or use the link to download the PDF. Then send us a list of items and quantities, and we’ll send you a quote.

Trophies for Distinction Range:

2020-21 Aussie Rules Catalogue

2020 TCD Aussie Rules trophy catalogue image

2020-21 Dance Catalogue

2020 TCD Dance trophy catalogue image

2020-21 Football Catalogue

2020 TCD Soccer trophy catalogue image

2020-21 Netball Catalogue

2020 TCD Netball trophy catalogue image

2020-21 Rugby Catalogue

2020 TCD Rugby trophy catalogue image

2020-21 Main Catalogue

2020 TCD Main trophy catalogue image

2020-21 Corporate Catalogue

2020 TCD Corporate trophy catalogue image

2021 Summer Catalogue

TCD_Summer_2021 image

2020-21 Cups Catalogue

2020 TCD Cups trophy catalogue image

Some Really Different Trophies Range:

2020 Aussie Rules Catalogue

2020 Evaton Aussie Rules trophy catalogue image

2020 Dance Catalogue

2020 Evaton Dance trophy catalogue image

2020 Football Catalogue

2020 Evaton Soccer trophy catalogue image

2020 Netball Catalogue

2020 Evaton Netball trophy catalogue image

2020 Rugby Catalogue

2020 Evaton Rugby trophy catalogue image

2020 Corporate Catalogue

Evaton_Coporate_2020 image

2020 Summer Catalogue

2020 Evaton Summer trophy catalogue image

2020 Winter Catalogue

2020 Evaton Winter trophy catalogue image


How do I get a price for some trophies?
Have a look through the catalogues and note down the item number of any trophy you are interested in. Then you can use the ‘contact us’ form to send us a list of items and quantities required.
We will get back to you with a quote.
How long will it take for my trophies to be ready?
It depends how many trophies you are ordering, but for smaller orders we can usually engrave and dispatch within 5 working days.
We prefer it if you give us as much notice as possible, but if you have an urgent order give us a call/email and we’ll let you know how quickly we can assist you.
Do I get a discount for larger quantities?
Sure. The more trophies you purchase the cheaper each individual one will be. Just let us know how many items you are after and we will get back to you with a quote.
Do you do corporate awards too?
Sure. The catalogues on this page have a range of options for corporate awards. Some can be engraved directly on the item, and others can an engraved plate attached.
Can you engrave any font?
The engraver will engrave trophies with any font we send to it.
We stock a wide range of fonts but most engravings we limit to smaller set of fonts we’ve tested prior. As a lot of fonts require a purchased license we may not have access to the exact font you require. If you are sending us graphics for engraving please convert all text to curves first.
Can you engrave my logo onto trophies?
Absolutely. The only limitation is that your logo engraving will end up just one colour. Send a message with your ideas and we’ll let you know what is possible.

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