At Light Scribe we supply Laser Engraved Cable Labels in variety of materials and colours.

Our electrical cable labels are commonly used to apply permanent, or semi-permanent circuit identification or warnings to electrical labels in a range of industrial applications.

It is not always possible to attach circuit/asset details at the ends of cables, and so easy to read, highly visible cable labels are the answer. We have a variety of common sizes and colours available – all of which we can laser engrave with any text and symbols to meet your compliance/safety requirements.

All cable labels are expertly laser engraved with text and/or symbols and can include barcodes if required. Our cable labels are commonly attached to electrical cables with cable ties at each end of the label.

We offer a range of stainless steel cable ties in addition to our labels for commercial installations where specifications require this fixing method. For most installations, standard plastic cable ties are all that is required to attach our labels to electrical cables.


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Stainless_Steel_Cable_Label_5x90mm_Black image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Label_90x9.5mm image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Ties_5x175mm image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_labels_1 image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Label_5x90mm_Red image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Label_89x19mm image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Ties_5x200mm image
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Stainless_Steel_Cable_Label_5x90mm_Yellow image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Ties_5x150mm image
Stainless_Steel_Cable_Ties_5x300mm image