Laser Engraving

What do we do?

At Light Scribe Laser Engraving we use the latest technology, commercial CO2 and Fiber laser equipment to mark/etch/ablate and cut a wide range of materials, for customers ranging from large corporations, industry, trades, and individuals.

Running differing laser technologies allow us to choose specific equipment best suited to the material being marked. This results in faster turnaround times, with higher detail, and translates into lower costs for our customers.

Our CO2 lasers are well suited to engraving a range of plastics, wood, and glass.

Our Fibre lasers provide highly detailed marking capabilities on Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium, and Chrome Plating, amongst others.

What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a term used to describe the process of using a controlled laser beam to ablate (engrave) the surface of a given material. The speed, power, and position of the laser beam can be controlled to determine how much material to remove from the surface of the item being engraved.

Laser engraving has replaced the old-fashioned method of hand engraving items, due to it’s ability to engrave a vast array of fonts, in any size, with a high degree of accuracy. But laser engraving is not limited to just words – we can engrave any design, logo, or image as long as it can be converted to monotone (black and white). This includes company logos, and even photos can be laser engraved.

A small number of materials are not suited to laser engraving, however a wide range can be accommodated.

How can I use your Laser Engraving service for my job?

We encourage you to reach out to us with your ideas, to determine if Laser Engraving is the right solution for your application. Some considerations when determining suitability are:
– the material to be engraved.
– the size of the item you want engraved.

How much will it cost to get my item laser engraved?

We accept engraving jobs ranging from a single item, to bulk runs of large quantities. Pricing is determined based on the complexity of the job, and quantity required to be engraved. We aim to keep our pricing affordable for all customers, and will do our best to beat any valid quote you may have. Discounts are available for bulk runs.

What materials can be laser engraved?

Laser Engraving is suitable for a wide range of materials. Some materials that provide excellent results when laser engraved are below:

– anodised aluminium
– wood
– stainless steel (Watch video here)
– glass
– plastic
– titanium
– acrylic
– slate
– leather

How to send us your engraving requirements.

If you have a design that you want engraved, you can email it to us at If you include a photo of the item you want engraved, we can advise if your design is suitable, and and provide you with an approximate cost for the engraving. If you are just after basic text (words or phrases) engraved onto your item, when you visit us, we can advise suitable fonts based on the item to be engraved. We stock a wide variety of fonts, to accommodate just about any job, and can advise which are the most popular, or best suited to your item. Due to the vast array of fonts commercially available, we cannot guarantee to have a license for a specific font, and in those instances we will suggest a suitable alternative from our font collection.

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