Compliance Plates

At Light Scribe Laser Engraving we supply a wide range of laser engraved compliance plates made from various materials. The most commonly requested plates are made from traffolyte, however we also supply laser engraved stainless steel, or durablack plates.

Traffolyte is a term commonly used in industry to specify a certain type of plastic label. A range of manufacturers now supply material equivalent or superior to the original ‘traffolyte’. We engrave compliance plates made from premium traffolyte manufactured exclusively in U.S.A. and sourced from one of Australia’s largest suppliers, that is UV and abrasion resistant, durable, and highly visible. They are available in various thicknesses, and can be supplied with adhesive pre-applied to the back if desired. As an alternative to traffolyte, we offer compliance plates in durablack – a laser markable aluminum for harsh operating environments. Durablack is resistant to sunlight (UV-radiation), abrasion, high-temperatures and chemical exposure, and has been manufactured to perform across a range of challenging environments.

Our compliance plates are attached to vehicles, industrial equipment, farming and mining machinery just to name a few examples. We supply compliance plates for a wide range of industries.

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laser engraved traffolyte compliance plate

Traffolyte Compliance Plates

Traffolyte is commonly used for laser engraved compliance plates. We offer a wide range of colours that are UV stable and resistant to abrasion. We can supply plates of any size with adhesive pre-applied to the rear if desired, and cut any number of holes for riveting plates to machinery also.

engraved Stainless Steel compliance plate

Stainless Steel Compliance Plates

Stainless Steel compliance plates are often used where high levels of abrasion are expected (for example, machinery used close to the ocean, and on mining sites). Stainless steel can be laser engraved, producing fine detail with durability. We can provide stainless steel compliance plates laser engraved in any of the common sizes.

Durablack compliance plates image

Durablack Compliance Plates

DuraBlack is laser markable aluminum for harsh operating environments that is resistant to abrasion, heat, UV, salt corrosion and chemicals. DuraBlack has a matte black finish that can be easily laser engraved, producing white markings that are highly visible with reduced reflection.