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How are traffolyte labels made?

‘Traffolyte‘ is a term commonly used in industry to specify a certain type of laser engraveable plastic. A range of manufacturers now supply material equivalent or superior to the original ‘traffolyte’. We engrave only premium traffolyte manufactured exclusively in U.S.A. and sourced from one of Australia’s largest suppliers, that is UV and abrasion resistant, durable, and highly visible. Our traffolyte labels are used to meet compliance requirements for a wide range of industries. We also supply corporate signage made from traffolyte.

As all our traffolyte labels are custom made, the process begins with a customer request. Typically we will receive a request from customers requiring traffolyte labels for industrial applications such as:

  • electrical switchboard labels
  • control panel labels
  • safety signage
  • warning labels
  • identification labels

We work with the customer to understand their requirements, and intended application. Depending on purpose, we can advise suitable colour/texture/size/shape, and fixing methods most applicable to achieve their goal.

As laser-engraveable plastic (traffolyte) is sourced in large sheets, that is easily cut by our laser engravers, we can supply labels in any size a customer may require. Whilst there are commonly requested sizes, we are not limited to any particular dimensions. Our laser engraver will engrave any text/graphics/logos or other content necessary, and then cut out the desired size from the base material. Given we cut the labels to size after engraving, we have the freedom to specify any shape/size preferred by the customer.

How do I customise a traffolyte label?

Whilst most labels are rectangular in size, we can produce labels in any shape. Some switchboard labels can be as much as 500m tall, but only 40-50mm wide, with text positioned horizontally, vertically, or any other desired orientation. Other applications call for very wide labels that can be as little as 8-10mm high.

Most customers will provide us either ready-to-engrave graphics (if they have sufficient access and knowledge of CAD software), or just a list of labels and basic text for each. For customers wanting to include graphics, we can advise specifcations they should supply them in, or we can work with them to create the graphics.

For bulk runs involving large numbers of labels we can utilise common data sources (.txt, .csv, .pdf files) and merge that data with a base graphic template to produce hundreds of consistent labels.

What can I put on a traffolyte label?

The laser engraver is computer-driven, and with the appropriate software, allows us to reproduce text, logos, vector graphics, barcodes and QR codes as well. Any design that can be converted to a 2D, single colour graphic can be engraved onto a traffolyte label.

Most industrial labels that are supplied to meet regulatory requirements have basic text only, however there is no limitation on what we can engrave onto these labels, as long at it is a single colour graphic. Text size and font can be varied between lines and it is common to have larger text on the top line, with smaller text below.

How do I order custom traffolyte labels?

At Light Scribe Laser Engraving we specialise in the production of traffolyte labels, and supply them to a wide range of industrial clients, from electricians, to solar panel installers, commercial refrigeration mechanics, and many more.

Once you have an idea of what sort of labels, and quantities you require, we recommend you contact us to discuss your job, and we can advise how we can assist you with your label order. Often we can get the job underway with as little as basic details in an email or SMS. Whether you require just 1 label, or 1000’s of items, simple text, or complex graphics, we are ready to assist you. You can call us on 0434368887, or email us at, and we will be happy to provide you an obligation-free quote.